Piedmont Turf Farm was established in 1988 when David McCart began to realize his dream of operating his own business and producing the finest quality sod.  David earned a bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy (Turf Major) from Virginia Tech.  With experience on a turfgrass research farm, and with four years as golf course superintendent at Lonesome Pine Country Club, Big Stone Gap, VA, and one and a half years establishing the fairways and greens at a new golf course in Salem, VA, David is eminently well qualified to know the ins and outs of producing a high quality sod.


In the Fall of 1988, Piedmont Turf Farm had its beginnings when 40 acres of turf type tall fescue was planted on some of the most desirable bottom land of Clarks Creek in Catawba County, North Carolina yielding a very high quality sod.  The first crop was harvested in the Spring of 1989 and this excellent cool season grass was in great demand and found ready acceptance.

To meet the need for warm season grasses to service golf courses and sports fields, Piedmont Turf introduced Tifway 419 Bermuda grass into its product line.  By 1994, the total acreage of cultivated grasses had grown to 100 acres.  An additional 60 acres was rented on Clarks Creek to take care of additional demand.
By 1999, a second farm site was purchased on the South Fork of the Catawba River in Lincoln County, North Carolina.  This additional 200 acres should permit some crop rotation to add organic matter and improve soil tilth.  In addition, new varieties of warm season grasses, franchised to Piedmont Turf Farm, will be grown on this land.  For example, Certified Empress Zoysia and Certified Tifway 419 were introduced on the farm in 1999.  Certified Empire Zoysia was in the production phase in the year 2000.
Piedmont Turf Farm, Inc. closely monitors current research in turfgrass production and development of new cultivars, in order to bring its customers a high quality turf and superior varieties for sports or residential use that excel in the climatic conditions in North and South Carolina.  A high priority is given to preserving, and even improving on, the quality of the environment through water conservation and the protection of water quality and land issues as they relate to turfgrass production.  

1890 HW Farm Road
Maiden, North Carolina 28650
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